Honour Roll


Launching in October 2018, the Employer Honour Roll will be an extension of The Employee Awards which has several key aims to benefit both employers and prospective new talent.


What will it do?

The primary purpose of the Employer Honour Roll is to highlight employers who are leading the way in terms of company culture, values and ethics. This will focus on employee recognition, employee benefits and the company’s approach to issues concerning diversity, gender and health. The Honour Roll will provide these employers with a public platform where they can highlight the key achievements and benefits of their company in these areas.

Furthermore, for each listed employer, we plan to provide information regarding current job opportunities and contact information for prospective employees who are currently searching for a new opportunity.


What is the value to employers?

As employers are selected based on criteria regarding how they operate, a listing on our platform highlights them as a  desirable employer to work for as they have been chosen specifically because of their employee policies and credentials.

For each employer, we will provide a web link which encourages prospective future employees to apply for positions directly with the employer, thus achieving a reduction in recruitment costs.

Finally, being featured on our Employer Honour Roll will promote the company’s profile to consumers, regulators, public authorities and the general public.


What is the benefit to employees?

Our Employer Honour Roll will provide prospective employees currently looking for new opportunities with a comprehensive understanding of the employment environment and attitudes that can be found at listed employers.

By providing information for each employer regarding current opportunities and information on how to apply or who to contact regarding these, we make the process of applying for a job with these employers much simpler.


Want to be involved?

If you consider your organisation to be leading the way in terms of company culture, values and ethics and you would like it to be featured within our Employer Honour Roll, please contact us through this website for more information.