About us

The Employee Awards is a not for profit Community Interest Company, with employees at its heart.

We believe that every employee deserves to be recognised.  It’s not about where you work, but how you work. The Employee Awards will raise awareness of the vital role of individual employees in bringing success to their employers.

It’s not just about the “star” achievers, but recognising the efforts of the ordinary unsung hero of the workplace.



The Employee Awards was founded by serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bryan Duffy and is supported by the sponsorship of Each Person. As a fellow not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), Each Person provides free access to advanced technology that can be utilised by businesses to implement employee recognition practices within their infrastructure.

 At the end of November 2018, we will hold the first The Employee Awards event at a prestigious London venue, where Gold and Silver “Star” Awards will be presented to deserving individuals across a wide variety of prize categories. Winners for each award will be determined by an independent panel of judges.

We anticipate attracting a number of sponsorships from leading corporates and institutions, ranging from £1,000 to £5,000 for each category. We also provide a more basic level to “Associate Sponsors” of £50 per month to allow even the most stretched HR departments a chance to be involved.

All employees nominated will receive a token recognition reward of 150 epoints plus two years sponsorship to the epoints Premium Members Club, worth £24. Similarly, those who register the nominated employee will receive 50 epoints plus two years sponsorship to the epoints Premium Members Club.

In additions to the awards, we will also be introducing the Employer Honour Roll later in the year which will highlight those companies who are leading the way in terms of corporate culture, value and ethics. This will be a valuable resource for prospective employees looking for more than just a salary in their next role.

All patrons and supporters of The Employee Awards are working on an unpaid voluntary basis and we welcome participation and support from fellow members of the HR community who can provide a few hours per month to support us, for example, by joining the judging panel for The Employee Awards later this year.